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Question   Beautiful Gallery
Hi Donna: I have just finished viewing your amazing work. Your kind comments on one of my photos at BP led me to you. You truly have an incredible talent.

- roxanne F. clabeaux-michalak February 04, 2013

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Question   Wonderful
Hi Donna,

Thanks for the wonderful comments on my gallery. Your web site is spectacular!

Steve Reffey

- Steve Reffey February 28, 2009

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Question   gallery
Beautiful gallery!

-  February 12, 2009

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Question   Gallery
Donna,you have a very special talent,
Amazing photo/s.
Thank for your comments,on my photo.

- Frank Cannon December 09, 2008

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Question   That your a Cool Kid!
Your officially an Alexandria Cool Kid, come and visit, hope your photography takes ou to AMAZING places:] Best of wishes to you.
I'd love to hear where your insperation comes from, email back, Plz and thank youuuus.

- Katelyn Hickman August 04, 2008

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All of your photos are very amazing, I like it in deed. Bravoo. Thanks for comment to my photo in www.betterphoto.com.


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Question   Outstanding website
You have a great website and your work is outstanding.

- eileen bedford May 18, 2008

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Question   Your photos are amazing.
all of your photo's are so good, im trying to learn some tips about getting into photography. if theres anything you can tell me, please do. (:

- holly leann April 30, 2008

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Question   Wow.
Wow,your pictures are amazing.You must have a really great camera.You have alot of talent.

-  March 02, 2008

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Question   You are one of the best I have seen.
Keep up the awesome work that you do, I think you are outstanding.

- Joe E. Mohn November 07, 2007

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Question   Your message
Donna I too followed the thread to your website from BetterPhoto. You images are great! Very, very diverse. Thank you for your kind comment and like others posted here I flattered that you took the time to comment on my image. It keeps me inspired to do more..thanks

-  October 14, 2007

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Question   Great job!
I was just looking at your gallery on BetterPhoto and decided to check out your website, and all I have to say is great job and that it's no wonder you've done so well on BetterPhoto.

-  August 27, 2007

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Question   Comment
Thanks for the comment on my photo...you have an awesom gallery!

- Steven Paul Dalleske August 22, 2007

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Question   Hi Donna
Great site, you are a great photographer!!!! Tim, Your flowriding buddy....

-  July 15, 2007

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Question   WOW
Donna, your site is fabulous!!! I love your portraits, and your artwork is just incredible!! You are so talented, and I love seeing your site and seeing how you've grown and evolved as an artist!! You are AWESOME!!!!

Congrats, you do such amazing work, I just know someday soon, you're going to be FAMOUS!!!


- Dale Ann Cubbage June 23, 2007

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Question   Nice pictures...
Love your images. Great works of art here.

- April McPherson June 23, 2007

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Question   Awesome photography, Donna!
Mahalo for your comment on my photo, that was so kind of you. I am honored. I took a look at your site, and I am in awe. Simply amazing! You have the artistic eye. Your site is awesome! Thanks for stopping by. You made my day!

- Amy G. McMillan June 20, 2007

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Question   hello
hey whats up just saying hi
see ya at the wave sometime

-  May 29, 2007

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Question   Comment
Amazing gallery Donna! I enjoyed your artistic work!

- Marijana Fajgl May 17, 2007

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Question   Hey there>>>
WoW...didn't view the whole thing but love the intro...Will have to come back and spend some time in here...

Off to that nap now...TTfn...Debbie : )

- Debbie Fleri April 21, 2007

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